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Up to 80% off Bulk PBMCs

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Isolated from fresh Leukopaks, highly pure and viable Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) offer researchers the opportunity to bank cells to support experimental consistency and comparability and streamline laboratory workflows. AllCells immediately processes fresh Leukopaks in our adjacent FDA-registered labs to produce PBMCs with unparalleled quality and consistency. For a limited time, inventory PBMCs and bulk isolations of PBMCs are 80% off the list price.

Exclusive Discount*

Bulk PBMCs

Product Approximate Yields Discount
LP, CR, MNC, 25M 175 - 250+ vials 80% off list price
LP, CR, MNC, 50M 85 - 125+ vials 78% off list price
LP, CR, MNC, 100M 45 - 70+ vials 73% off list price

Bulk Cell Isolations

Obtaining bulk isolations from a single donor allows for cells to be banked, which saves time and provides a consistent cell source for experimental reliability and comparability. Bulk isolations also enable clients to focus on other projects, obtain donor-matched samples, create client-dedicated cell banks, or collect multiple cell types from a single donor.

*Terms and Conditions 

  • This promotion is only available to customers based in North America
  • This promotion is valid from 11/7/2022 through 12/22/2022
  • To take advantage of the discount, the product must be shipped by 12/22/22
  • Lead time for bulk orders is 2-3 weeks
  • Orders must be placed directly with AllCells, not a third party
  • AllCells reserves the right to refuse or cancel this promotion at any time