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Obtain large-scale quantities of high-quality single donor CD34+ cells isolated from Mobilized Leukopaks to: 

  • Ensure consistent experimental results
  • Streamline your laboratory workflow
  • Free up time for other projects
  • Reduce cost with economies of scale 

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About CD34+ Cells

CD34+ cells are a rare population of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) that originate in the bone marrow, and can be found in other tissues, such as cord blood and peripheral blood. These cells are essential to maintaining blood homeostasis, since they can differentiate into different blood cell types, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. HSPCs have been extensively studied for their potential in regenerative medicine and have shown promise in many applications. 

AllCells utilizes optimized protocols and industry best practices to perform cell isolations that yield CD34+ cells of the highest quality and purity. Ensure consistency, scalability, and reproducibility across your experimental workflow with access to high-yield single-donor CD34+ cells.  

About Cell Isolations

AllCells offers CD34+ cells isolated from single-donor mobilized leukapheresis material. We isolate CD34+ cells from Mobilized Leukopaks collected using a range of mobilization regimens. Positive immunomagnetic separation is used where CD34+ beads bind to target cells in the heterogeneous population, whereby CD34+ cells remain bound to the beads while unwanted cells are removed to achieve high purity and viability. All batches are quality and sterility tested to provide the quality assurance you need to execute your workflows with confidence. 

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