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The world’s largest apheresis network enables industry-leading capacity, serving the needs of the cell and gene therapy with a 99% delivery rate.


Donor Apheresis Network

  • 10,000+ reliable, HLA-typed donors
  • Strategically located, coast-to-coast collection facilities with next-day delivery options
  • Scalable solutions for large-volume collections

Industry Leading Apheresis Capacity

  • Steadily increasing apheresis collection capacity
  • Large-scale bulk isolations of cellular subtypes: PBMCs, NK Cells, T Cells, B Cells, and Monocytes
  • Client-dedicated donor pools to scale from RUO to GMP, ensuring smooth transitions from R&D to the clinic

Leukopak Apheresis Products

  • Enable seamless transition from research use to GMP
  • Up to 50% T cells, 20% monocytes, 10% B cells, 10% NK cells, 3% granulocytes, and 3% hematocrit
  • Enable scalability and reproducibility of experiments by limiting the impact of donor-to-donor variability

AllCells Products

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